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Light Curtains, Optical Touch Switches, Safety Switches, Safety Photoelectric Products, Fiber Sensors, Area Sensors, Laser Measurement Sensors, Programmable Controllers, HMI, Vision Systems.

SMC Corporation of America is a part of a global organization that supports our customers in every industrialized country, and is the U.S. subsidiary of SMC Corporation based in Japan. Since its establishment, SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of “contributing to automation labor savings in industry.”

A Complete range of cables and connector systems for valves and sensors, programming ports and cabinet interfaces, passive I/O distribution boxes, power supplies, intelligent overcurrent protection, state-of-the-art field bus I/O systems, relays, opto-couplers and much more.

Air Distribution Systems, Self-Storing Air Hoses, Quick Couplers, Tubes & Fittings, Compressed Air Treatment, Blow Guns & Tools, Hoses & Reels, Valves & Cylinders.

High Purity Connectors, Diaphragm Valves, Filters, Flexible Hoses and Surface Mount Technology Blocks and Valves.

Bearings, Linear and Power Transmission products.

Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Diaphragm Seals, Transmitters and Switches

High quality precision pneumatic connectors including hygiene-sensitive components: quick release couplings, shut-off valves, check valves, multi-line connections, flame retardant and robust ProWeld hoses.

Fittings, Hose, Couplings and Controls.

Cylinders, Lifting Products & Systems, Integrated Solutions – Heavy Lifting, Bolting Tools, Work Holding Tools, Pumps & Valves, System Components, Hydraulic Presses, Pullers.

Air Nozzles & Blow Guns for Noise Reduction and Air Conservation.

Adhesives, Cleaners, Epoxies, Thread Sealants, Lubricants, Anti-Seize, Thread Lockers, Surface Preparation, Gasketing and Bonding.

Handling and measuring equipment for fluid and viscous materials, including Tanks, Pumps, Valves, Spray Guns and Proportioners.

Photoelectric Sensors, Liquid Level Detectors, Proximity Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Laser Sensors, Limit Switches, Basic Switches and Manual Switches.

Antaira Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer that provides high-quality industrial networking and communication product solutions. Since 2005, Antaira has offered a full spectrum of product lines that feature reliable Ethernet infrastructures, extended temperature tolerance, and rugged enclosure designs.

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